Tom Provan

Tom Provan

Hi all! I’m Tom Provan, this year’s VP Sports Development. I’m Welsh and I’ve just finished my philosophy degree (hence the beard, helpful for extra hard thinking).

I’m the Full-Time Officer looking after sport in the university. Whether it is performance to participation, recreational sport or intensive fitness, I’ll be there to help out and make sure everyone here has the best sporting experience here in Southampton. I got my role through being an extremely passionate martial artist.

My interests led me to doing my best to help out the martial arts clubs through involvement with the Student’s Union and the Athletics Union, then being on the Athletics Union Committee helping all sports clubs, and now I’m here full time making sure that the Student’s Union can help everyone enjoy sport across all levels.

I aim to spend the year running a number of projects to help make everyone’s sporting experience better than ever. Feel free to come to me with any questions about sport here in the university and I will do my best to help you all I can!

About the Role

The Vice President Sports Development is the lead sabbatical officer on all matters relating to sport, and the Union's Athletic Union (AU) sports clubs. VP Sports Development promotes participation in the Union's sports clubs and facilitates sport for all at the University. Supporting club committees, and working with volunteers are key requirements of the role.


  • Represent students on all sport related matters
  • Promote the reputation of the Students’ Union and its AU Sports Clubs
  • Take the lead on Athletic Union club development
  • Maximise all students’ sporting experience
  • Increase participation in sport and recreational activity
  • Work with British Universities and Colleges Sport (BUCS) for the benefit of students at the University
  • Develop elite sport at Southampton.

Plans and Progress

Sports Massage Project
Disablilty and Accessibility in Sport
Free Self Defence
Intra-mural Development
Development Strategy
Greater Union/University Connections
Research into Clubs and Societies (Membership/Information)
2.3 Reformatting Group Funding
Team Soton Profile
Sport Heritage Research
Greater Union/Society Strategy Interaction
Advertising the Profile of Team Southampton
Support Sports Teams to Engage in Community Projects
Advertise Success of Team Southampton Clubs


  • Sports Zone Induction 2017

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    3 May 2017

  • AU Ball – Shortlist

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    3 May 2017

  • New Intramural Membership System

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    23 September 2016

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