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Freshers’ 2016: Welcome Parties –...

Our Welcome Parties are the official start of the greatest 2 weeks of your... (read more)

Let’s celebrate Southampton Pride

As a Union, we are proud to have such a diverse student population and... (read more)

Leave Your Worries At The Door, it’s Student...

Kickstart your University experience with the ultimate student club night…Student... (read more)

An Audience with…Russell Kane confirmed...

We are delighted to announce that Russell Kane is now confirmed as our headliner at An... (read more)

Twitter Q & A – Ask us anything #SotonQandA

We understand that there is a lot to take in during the lead up to Freshers’.... (read more)

RAG wins bid to host the 2017 RAG Conference

Our very own Southampton RAG team have won their bid to host the 2017 RAG Conference. From... (read more)

Adventures in Pres Land

Hey everyone! I know I’ve been fairly quiet of late on this blog,... (read more)

Win a FREE Master Pass!

As if a 3-day weekend wasn’t good enough, we’re giving you the chance... (read more)

Rainbow Love: Southampton Pride is Back!

This Sunday 28 August sees the return of Southampton Pride, the city’s... (read more)

Master Pass FAQs

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you will have heard that we have... (read more)

Free Football, Films and Fun Days Out

If you’re a Pre-Sessional student, or you’re staying in Southampton... (read more)

Freshers’ Master Pass Announcement

6,000 students. 10 huge events. 1 Master Pass. That’s right. With our Freshers’... (read more)

Congratulations and we’ll see you at #SotonFreshers

Congratulations to everyone who has got into the University of Southampton today! We... (read more)

Everything you need to know about Halls

Here at Southampton, we have 11 Halls of Residence, and 12 Halls Committees... (read more)

FREE film at Union Films tonight

If you’re a Pre-Sessional student, or you’re staying in Southampton... (read more)

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