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At the start of every calendar year, students are given the opportunity to put themselves forward for the roles that lead the Union across everything we do. All students are then given the opportunity to vote for the students they think are best for each role. The roles are split in to two specific groups: Full-Time Officers and Student Leaders.

If you have a passion or interest in any of the areas outlined below, then you’re ready! Let us know who you are

Or if you know someone you think is passionate about the areas below, let us know who they are and we will get in touch with them.

Have a look at any of the profiles listed and feel free to use our search option to help highlight roles that match you! Don’t forget the Full-Time Officer roles come with a salary of over £20,000 per year!

Student Leaders

Each Full-Time Officer role is supported by a team of Student Leaders, each role having its own focus and area of responsibility. These roles are also elected in spring and open to any student to put themselves forward for. Please click on a role to find out more

Union President

To find out more about other elections that have taken place this year, please click here