Starting a student group is one of the most exciting, challenging and rewarding things you can do at university, and the Students' Union is here to help.

Step 1: Have an idea

The first step to starting a student group (also known as a club or society) is to come up with an idea, and to find at least five people who would like to get involved in what you have to offer. Before the new society can become part of SUSU, we will check that it follows these four simple rules:

  • No duplication A new student group can't duplicate the objectives and aims of another society or SUSU department, in whole or in part.
  • Not too narrow: The scope of the student group should be as broad as possible, so as not to encourage the creation of other similar student groups.
  • All are welcome: Membership of the student group must be open to all Students' Union members.
  • Objectives: A student group must have genuinely serious aims and objectives.

Step 2: Fill in the forms

The next step is to fill in the online affiliation form

Step 3: Attend a Student Groups Committee Affiliation Meeting

The Student Groups Committee is made up of student representatives from the various student groups at the Students' Union. After we've has received and approved your Affiliation Form, you will be invited to attend a Student Groups Committee affiliation meeting. Affiliation meetings happen three times a year, or once per term, and the dates of these meetings can be obtained by contacting

At the meeting you'll need to present your idea to the committee with a two minute overview, and you'll need to answer any questions that the committee may have. It is at this meeting when the committee will vote on whether the new student group should become fully affiliated with the Students' Union.

If it's a yes, then congratulations - you will have created a new student group!

That's it!

If you have any questions about setting up a student group, SUSU is here to help you. You can find us in the Activities Office (Highfield Campus, Building 42, Level 2) or you can email


If you can't find what you need, you can email

Get the forms

To start a student group, you need to fill in the online affiliation form


Remember: speak to the Business Development Department before you sign any contracts to make sure that you are getting the best deal possible. You can email for more guidance.