Hi, I'm Flora Noble and I'm your Vice President Student Communities responsible for this zone.

The purpose of the Student Communities Zone is to represent the interests and amplify the voice of our different student communities.

What does the zone do?

  • Diversity
    Promotes the Union as a diverse organisation that represents all of its members.
  • Halls Committees
    Creates a strong community in all halls of residence.
  • International
    Enables International students and UK students to feel integrated, with our reputation for inclusiveness preceding us.
  • Postgraduates
    Supports Post-graduates so that their needs are met.
  • Students at Sites
    Ensures all students, wherever they are based, have access to all activities and groups which are relevant to them, as well as access to support mechanisms.

What do you want to change?

Something you'd like to change? Got an idea for something you think we should be doing? Want to make a difference? Submit your idea below!

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What's going on?

Officers in the Student Communities Zone

  • Jahangir Jingy Alom
    Medical Society President
  • Frazer Delves
    Equality and Diversity Officer
  • Jaya Surya Dhayalan
    Postgraduate (Taught) Students Officer
  • Samantha Higman
    Halls Officer
  • Alex Hovden
    Union President
  • Giles Howard
    Postgraduate (Research) Students Officer
  • Christelle Li San Cheung
    Student Communities Zone Student Group Representative
  • Athena Liu
    International Students' Officer
  • Flora Noble
    Vice President Student Communities
  • Dan Varley
    Vice President Engagement
  • Rebecca Willis
    Winchester Campus President
  • Yasmin Yu
    National Oceanography Centre (Site) Officer