If you could change one thing, what would it be?

We’re asking students to suggest one thing they’d like to change – it could be about the Union, University of Southampton – or even the world.

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What happens next?

  1. We’ll post all the ideas we’ve received on the website, and you can then rank the ones you like the most.
  2. If your idea gets ranked highly, you can write it up into a Proposal. This will explain the background to your idea, why you think it’s a good idea, and what exactly you’d like to see change.
  3. All these Proposals will then be posted online, and every student will be able to vote on them online – yes or no – and decide if they pass or fail.


Can I only suggest one idea?

You don’t have to just pick one – if you’ve got lots of ideas, fire away!

Can I submit a Proposal even if the original idea doesn’t get voted up?

Yes, but it’ll go right at the bottom of the list, and if we have lots of Proposals, there’s no guarantee there will be time to discuss it.

The Technical Bit

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the University of Southampton Students’ Union will be taking place in The Bridge, Building 40 at 12pm on Wednesday 11th May 2016. This meeting will, amongst other things, be discussing all of the Proposals submitted by students. Although you are welcome to attend the meeting in person, the easiest way to vote on all the Proposals is online.

You can read the formal notice and agenda for this meeting here

Proposals for the Annual General Meeting

The following proposals will be discussed at the AGM. Please click on the links below to view the relevant document

Join the team

We’re looking for students to join the team and run for a part-time position at the Union.

Whether you want to represent students on your course and make sure you get a fair deal from the University, or help fight for equality for some of our under-represented groups, we’ve got a position for you.

You can find a summary of the positions below, or find out more about what’s required from one of these roles.

Course Reps

Two in every year, for every course – you’ll represent your course mates and sit on an important department-level committee.

Academic Presidents/Vice-Presidents

There’s one Academic President for every department (and in Social Sciences, there’s a Vice-President for each subject). You’ll co-ordinate the Course Reps in your area, and sit on Faculty-level committees to help make a difference for students.

Student Leaders

Our Student Leaders are senior part-time officers who lead on various areas of the Union’s work. We’ve got everything from Student Enterprise Officer to Sports Participation Officer.

Student Trustees

Student Trustees sit on the Union’s Trustee Board, a body which oversees out work and makes sure we’re spending our money sensibly and staying within the law.

Mature Students & Student Parent Network President

The position of Mature Students & Student Parent Network President is up for election for the first time – this exciting role will see you lead our work for student parents and mature students.

WSA Student Committee

There’s just two positions left on the WSA Student Committee - Academic Officer and International Officer. The Academic Officer acts as the academic president for Art students at Winchester, co-chairing the Staff-Student Liaison Committee and working to make the educational experience for WSA students as good as it can be. The International Officer works to represent and support all international students at WSA, promoting and supporting cultural events and helping international students get involved with everything the Union has to offer.

Other positions available

Action Group members

These positions aren’t up for election – anyone who’s interested can come along to a meeting of one of the new Action Groups and get involved. The Action Groups (which used to be called campaign committees) are:

  • Equality and Diversity
  • Ethics and Environment
  • Wellbeing