Union Southampton is here to represent YOU. We do this in many ways through union council, your elected officers, our zone structure and more. To help communicate our representation we publish minutes of our meetings and give you the opportunity to question your representatives. We put in place policy to state our opinions on issues, and act on them.

Union Council

Union Council is the place to have your say about what Union Southamptondoes and how it does it. Council holds your elected officers to account for what they’re up to, and sets the direction for Union Southampton (through policy). It’s the highest decision-making body and decides what goes on in your Union. Council meets once a month during term time and decisions are made by 80 elected student Union Councillors.

Your Officers

Each year a team of students is elected to lead your Students' Union, setting the agenda for the activities Union Southampton does over the next academic year. This team of elected students represents you at all levels throughout the university.


The zone structure helps to make it easier for you to get involved with the things that interest you. These zones cover policy areas such as democracy and sustainability, and activity areas including societies, sports and student media. Each Zone is headed by a full-time officer who coordinates activity within that area.