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Tuition Fees: What You Need to Know

The last two weeks have been big for the world of Higher Education,... (read more)


We’re now well into the summer holidays and we hope you’re all having... (read more)

Olympic Tae-Kwon-Do: A Shining Light in the Sporting...

Second year English and History student and writer for The Edge, Robert Pratley,... (read more)

Swimmers to watch at Rio 2016

The Olympic Games 2016 in Rio is set to begin on the 05 August, so to get in... (read more)

A big step in the right direction…

Monday 18th July was my first one-to-one meeting with the President and... (read more)

Telly Addicts: The Edge’s top TV picks

Editor of The Edge, Anneka Honeyball, offers a few suggestions for shows worthy... (read more)

Free events you can join in with!

As part of our Pre-sessional programme, this summer we are offering you the... (read more)

Why join SUSUtv?: Our TV station takeover

In the same year that our very own student-led television station, SUSUtv, turns... (read more)

Congratulations on your graduation!

Congratulations to everyone who is graduating this week and next. We hope the... (read more)

Sounds of Summer: Surge BBQ Playlist Takeover

Surge’s Station Manager, Toby Leveson, has taken over our blog to give... (read more)

Closer to The Edge: A Brief History of Your Entertainment...

With a new (academic) year nearly upon us, we caught up with Anneka Honeyball,... (read more)

Union Films over the summer

Our Pre-sessional programme of events is back and what better way to welcome... (read more)

30 Things To Do Over The Summer

Students may be the envy of most of the working world during the long summer... (read more)

Welcome to our Pre-Sessional students

The Pre-sessional programme is back for another summer which means the Union... (read more)

Hello from Hovden

Hey everyone! Just a brief initial post from me to let you know that I... (read more)

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