Spring Elections 2017

At the start of every calendar year, students are given the opportunity to put themselves forward for the roles that lead the Union across everything we do. All students are then given the opportunity to vote for the students they think are best for each role. The candidates for the roles this year are listed below - please click on them to find out more

Full-time Officer Candidates

Union President

Vice President Democracy and Creative Industries

Vice President Education

Vice President Engagement

Vice President Sports Development

Vice President Student Communities

Vice President Welfare

Student Leader and Trustee Candidates

Halls Officer

Health Sciences Faculty Officer

Humanities Faculty Officer

International Students' Officer

Medical Society President

Medicine Faculty Officer (MedSoc Vice President)

Postgraduate (Research) Students Officer

RAG President

Social, Human and Mathematical Sciences Faculty Officer

Student Enterprise Officer

Surge Radio Station Manager

SUSUtv Station Manager

The Edge Editor

Union Films Cinema Manager

Wellbeing Officer

Wessex Scene Editor

WSA Academic Officer


Ethics and Environment Officer

Student Trustee

To find out more about other elections that have taken place this year, please click here