Summer Elections 2017

Voting is now open You have until Friday 12 May at 16:00 to vote online at

The full list of candidates and manifestos is now available! Please click here to view

In the Summer 2017 elections we have a range of roles available to run for. If you are passionate about your course and would like to support Academic Representation you can join the team as an Academic President in your faculty or as a Medicine Course Rep. If you are keen to be involved with running the union and holding us accountable on behalf of students, you can run to be the Chair or Senate, a Trustee or a Student Leader in areas such as Sport or Welfare.

If you are a student at Winchester School of Art and are keen to promote the student voice you can run to join the WSA Committee.

Key dates in the Summer Election period can be found below, if you would like any further details please contact us at